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January Offer

Women's Self-Defence 8-Week Course
and Aikido Introduction 8-Week Course
was £70, now only £50 for the full course!

This is a great gift to give the person in your life that loves Aikido. With the gift voucher you can buy personalised hoodies, jackets, T-shirts and mugs. If you prefer they can be used for 1-1-lessons, seminars or courses that we run at Martin Acton's Aikido Institute.
These make wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas or to celebrate the person achieving a promotion to a higher rank in Aikido.
The vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase. For more information Tel:078-6940-2588
Welcome to Aikido with Martin Acton Sensei - Martial arts is not limited to cage fights, medals, or belts, it must provide enlightenment to those who are confused & guidance to those who have lost their way in life. 
Martial arts
Martin Acton Sensei is an Martial art teacher
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Special Offer for Advance Payment

Unlimited lessons for one year if you sign up now.

One year normal cost is £600. You pay £500

Six months normal cost is £300. You pay £270

When you come in to sign up for lessons, let us know you have seen this special offer and we will provide you with the discount.

Private lessons for one year
£30 x 4 = £120 x 12 = £1440
Save £60 pay only £1380

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a dynamic Japanese Martial Art that focuses on blending with an opponents energy rather than resisting and colliding  with it. We use joint locks, throws and pins to deal with an attacker's assault. Regardless of how the assailant comes at us with punches, kicks or a shove, we welcome the attack, absorb it then redirect it. The throws and pins in Aikido are extremely powerful and effective. Consequently once you are blending with an attack, great care should be taken while completing the technique to keep in mind the wellbeing of your practice partner. In the lessons we always want a safe conclusion for all the individuals training so we practice in such a way that the least amount of damage is done to all involved. In Aikido we are concerned about the well-being of our partner, the other bystanders, as well as our own safety. 

This form of Aikido trains the student to learn the techniques for gradings and for self defence. The Aikido self-defence techniques have a wide range of applications moving from the gentlest to the most severe. They can be devastating, and end an attack with sudden decisiveness, or it can dissipate away  with the essence of a soft breeze.  In Aikido physical strength and speed are not, as important as they are, in other martial arts. Aikido instead focuses on improving our balance, timing & co-ordination. This training is beneficial for self-defence as it raises confidence, promotes clarity of thought, and teaches the student how to create win-win outcomes.

There are no competitions, contests or tournaments in Aikido. Genuine Aikido is not a sport.    
Competition creates the dynamics of a win/lose scenario. Aikido permits for a win/win resolution to any conflict. This means an outcome that results in mutual respect, benefit and peace for all involved. The only competition in Aikido in the most challenging one. Here you get to compete with the learned behaviour within yourself that keeps you from being calm, peaceful & in harmony and which prevents you from accepting, blending with & executing a technique while caring  for your partner. Aikido will teach you with time and practice how to resolve your inner conflicts and eventually lead you to a mindset of being imperturbable. 

We have both children and adult courses available, see which lesson would suit you best on our schedule page.
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Watch our video to find out more about our 8 week Aikido courses and classes

  • £70 (Fully inclusive of annual insurance & licence)
  • 1 session per week for 8 weeks.
  • You will get a certificate upon course completion.
  • Booking advised- limited places are available!
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Why choose Aikido?

  • It is a non-aggressive self defence
  • It can improve health and well-being
  • Helps with balance and co-ordination
  • Encourages self-confidence
  • Encourages a 'can do' way of thinking and acting
  • Teaches you about win-win relationships
  • It is fun, interesting and interactive
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How can Martin Acton's Aikido Institute help your business?

Martin Acton Sensei can help your staff and their productivity through Aikido and its teachings. By applying the principles of Aikido to a workplace, Martin Acton Sensei can help your staff learn to find win-win situations, deal more effectively with stress and anxiety and apply a Japanese working culture to your business.

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For more information on Aikido, call Martin Acton's Aikido Institute in Dromore on:

07869 402 588
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