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Aikido, has a soft, gentle and healing side and at the same time it is a devastating martial art the full power of which is hardly seen. We only demonstrate our full abilities on other Aikido practitioners who are fully trained to handle and survive it. 

When you first observe Aikido and see spectacular throws, the attackers fall and roll with grace, elegance and skill. You may be skeptical about the real effectiveness of Aikido techniques but as soon as you get to experience it yourself you will soon realise that the "cooperation" between the partners is absolutely necessary to avoid serious injury. 
The attackers are also displaying their Aikido knowledge by blending with a powerful technique & showing the can deal with it and survive it safely. 

Aikido techniques are carefully designed to follow the body's natural moment. Joints are turned and extended along their natural range of motion. This motivates the attacker to fall without damaging the joint. The pins we use in Aikido are created with the same idea and these can be applied to and by anyone of any size with very little or no effort.
You do not have to be big, strong, fast or athletic to learn and become accomplished in Aikido. An open mind, desire to learn and to do ones best is all that is required. When you sense a threat, recognise it, accept it and respect its nature & intention. Accept it, allow it to blend with your nature, then keep your balance, self-control and redirect it safely.
DOJO students kneeling at start of lesson. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Christian Tissier sharing his opinion in a poster
"At the beginning in Aikido we must practice with agreements to work together. But the more we practice, the more we need to face difficulties with our partners that we need to solve. The difficulty must be according to that person's level. If they are good, then push a little more. Solving these problems in an aikido way is the study of Budo."
Male and female students kneeling at end of lesson at Matin Acton's Aikido  Institute
Martin Acton Sensei. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Chief Instructor, Martin Acton Sensei

From 1988 until 2008, Martin Acton sensei was studying, practising and teaching Aikido in Japan with the top masters. In Japan, Martin Acton sensei was the first western person to open, run and develop two very successful dojos in Yokohama. He has trained all types of students, from primary (elementary) school students all the way up to university students. He taught housewives, doctors, lawyers, company CEO's and even the Tokyo riot police.

He has also taught at Japanese companies throughout Japan as a motivational speaker, helping them with conflict resolution problems, absenteeism, stress reduction and how to maintain good working relationships. 

In 2008 he returned home to Northern Ireland to share the valuable life lessons and skills he learnt overseas in England, the USA, and Japan, with the people here. In 2011 he opened & established the first Aikido full-time dojo at Dromore, County Down, in N. Ireland. His mission is to help people discover a new, improved way of life that Aikido offers. To build bridges of deeper understanding between the East and West.
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 Aikido training

When you start training at Martin Acton's Aikido Institute you will be learning and doing new things and this can make you nervous, We want you to know that this is the safest place in the world because we are here to help each other and learn together. 
If you feel confused, don't understand something or become frustrated while doing a technique, talk to Martin sensei and he will help you.
The paramount rule in Aikido is to have respect & courtesy for the place, the things and the other people in the dojo. An atmosphere of cooperation - not competition - is called for. This does not mean that we give in to another's will as some may think. It means we learn to operate together. This is important and necessary because the Aikido techniques can have terrible ramifications if not practiced correctly in the right manner. Severe injury can occur to yourself, your partner and others on the mats. So we strive to practice with sincerity, compassion and full awareness. 
We strive to resolve conflicts in a peaceful resolution and we don't want to harm anyone. Consequently we prefer to use the skills of sensing trouble and avoiding it rather than using the martial abilities that we are developing. Sensitivity to situations, trust in instinct and intuition become your best tools. We hone these on the mats every time we working with a partner. Don't just practice the techniques that are demonstrated but also tune into where your partner is at and sense his/her state of mind and being. Relax and have a good time. 

Martin Acton and his student Joshua taking a photo of Josua getting his Green Belt certification Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
A photo of two Japanese swords on a sword stand.
Martin Acton Sensei getting ready to perform a weapon demonstration at Matin Acton's Aikido  Institute
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