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In Aikido, physical strength or speed are not as important as they are in other martial arts. Aikido instead focuses on improving our balance, timing, and co-ordination. You will learn to that if you relax in the correct way, that you are so much stronger than if you tense up. We will teach you how to relax, to stand, sit, and move in a natural, authentic, and effective manner. We study how an opponent's energy is flowing, for example, when he grabs, punches or kicks we don't react, we blend with the attack instead of opposing or resisting it. Next we lead it in such a way the least amount of damage is done to all involved. Aikido is therefore suitable for all ages, males and females, and most fitness levels. 
DOJO students kneeling at start of lesson. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
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"At the beginning in Aikido we must practice with agreements to work together. But the more we practice, the more we need to face difficulties with our partners that we need to solve. The difficulty must be according to that person's level. If they are good, then push a little more. Solving these problems in an aikido way is the study of Budo."
Male and female students kneeling at end of lesson at Matin Acton's Aikido  Institute
Martin Acton Sensei. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Chief Instructor, Martin Acton Sensei

From 1988 until 2008, Martin Acton sensei was studying, practising and teaching Aikido in Japan with the top masters. In Japan, Martin Acton sensei was the first western person to open, run and develop two very successful dojos in Yokohama. He has trained all types of students, from primary (elementary) school students all the way up to university students. He taught housewives, doctors, lawyers, company CEO's and even the Tokyo riot police.

He has also taught at Japanese companies throughout Japan as a motivational speaker, helping them with conflict resolution problems, absenteeism, stress reduction and how to maintain good working relationships. 

In 2008 he returned home to Northern Ireland to share the valuable life lessons and skills he learnt overseas in England, the USA, and Japan, with the people here. In 2011 he opened & established the first Aikido full-time dojo at Dromore, County Down, in N. Ireland. His mission is to help people discover a new, improved way of life that Aikido offers. To build bridges of deeper understanding between the East and West.
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