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What to expect when choosing an Aikido Course

Thank you for considering studying Aikido with us. I am sure you have mixed emotions ranging from nervous to excited and everything in between. That is normal we all go through that when we start something new. 
Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art and this is a very safe traditional Japanese style dojo. Martin Acton spent 20 years doing Aikido in Japan and he runs this dojo the same way as they do in Japan. 
First, when you come in Martin sensei will interview you and get some details from you. He will go through the different courses we offer and discuss different options for you to join depending on your schedule and budget. 
You can try a free sample lesson, to see if you feel comfortable and if this is the most suitable martial art for you.
The classes will be mixed with senior students and beginners this is for safety purposes. Senior students will help beginners to do techniques. Clear instructions will be given so you just have to listen and follow them. 
After the lesson Martin sensei will talk to you about your experience and you can decide to join or not. There will not be any pressure put on you to join. We want you to feel comfortable, secure & confident when you do join. Aikido is about win-win outcomes rather than win-lose. We hope you will be very happy studying with us and will do our best to help you achieve your goals. We are all here to learn together.
Aikido group lessons for adults


"I have studied with Martin Acton Sensei now for almost 2 years. It has changed my approach to life and given me a confidence I thought I had lost. If you are reading this please give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

- Raymond Campbell

"If you are interested in studying Aikido then this the dojo to join. I have been hugely impressed by the skill, dedication, teaching and patience that Martin Sensei gives to each and every one of his students. 

The atmosphere in the dojo is very traditional and respectful. Everyone is extremely helpful and welcoming without exception. 

Aikido itself is a challenging art with a huge amount to learn. The benefits however are well worth the hard work and despite having only joined the classes recently I can already see the positive effects in my everyday life. 

Thank you Martin Sensei. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey!"

- Stuart Gilmore

Aikido lady practicing a throw. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Aikido lady practicing a throw. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Working through the Stages

At the start of the lessons we do warm ups with a series of stretches, core work and balance exercises. After that Martin sensei will demonstrate a technique for the class to practice. The students pair up with a partner and practice the technique. Martin goes around assisting those that need help. We practice the techniques on both the right & left sides to exercise all muscles. They are performed slowly, carefully and exactly to prevent injury. Later when students know what they are doing the techniques start to flow faster. At end of class you will feel refreshed, invigorated and happy. 
There is a clear curriculum which the students follow to gage their progress. The ranks are divided into kyus (Diplomas) and dans (Degrees). Adults start at 5th kyu and go up to 1st kyu this is just before shodan (black belt) and above.
Aikido is a complicated, advanced & technical Martial Art. People need to understand it takes time, effort and discipline to learn this. Comparing yourself to others is a fatal mistake that will lead to you stopping. Realize this is your path. How fast or slow you go is up to you. If you don't like gradings you don't have to study for them, you can still come and learn ways to protect yourself and get fit in the process. If you are struggling with anything in the classes talk to your Instructor. He is happy to help you. We all need help at some point.

A little about Aikido

The founder of Aikido was Morihei Ueshiba. He was born in 1883 in a small fishing village in Japan called Tanabe. In his youth he started to study martial arts: Japanese wrestling, the traditional Japanese sword, spear then went on to do Daitou-ryuu Aiki-jujitsu. 
In 1941 he developed Aikido. Many people came to test and challenge him but when they experienced the techniques they left is awe and admiration for the effectiveness, the power and the elegance of this new martial art. 
Ueshiba Sensei wanted his art to be used to bring about world peace. He said there was not to be any competition in Aikido because it was too dangerous and when we compete this developed an aggressive mind that is always on edge even when we win. Aikido is really the art of fighting without fighting. We learn to control ourselves, to respond to aggression in a calm, non-reactive manner and to look at the other person as having a bad day. We can then try to resolve the situation in a peaceful way.

Hand carved board with Aikido print. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Aikido teaches respect. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Aikido training

Information for the beginner student
When you come to train, let yourself relax and have a good time. Remember we are all here to help each other and learn together. At the same time understand that in Japan and in Aikido the predominant rule is to have respect and courtesy for the other people in the dojo, not just the teachers but everyone, fellow students, visitors to the dojo and those outside as well.
You will find the atmospher to be one of cooperation not one of competetion. We have to learn to work with others, because the techniques in Aikido can have some very serious consequences if we do not practice in the correct way. Severe injury can result to yourself, your partner and others on the mats if you are not careful. All techniques taught are effective, when you expeience this for yourself, you should then practice sincerely with compassion and full awareness. 
We do not wish harm on anyone, we strive for peaceful resolutions to conflicts. We therefore develop skills in sensing trouble, look for ways to defuse it using good humor and being affable as opposed to using the martial abilitites that we also develop. So when you are practicing with your partner please don't just practice the Aikido technique but also tune in to where he/she is at and sense his/her state of mind and being. If you get frustrated or confused, don't hesitate to talk to the instructor or fellow student. We are happy to help. 

Popular Questions about Aikido

Here are answers to popular questions that are asked by people who have visited Martin Acton's Aikido Institute:

Is Aikido suitable for men & women?
Yes, it is absolutely suitable because we are not fighting and using brute force to put an opponent down. We are learning to deal with the aggression in a positive manner and resolve it in a win-win outcome. 

Is Aikido an effective martial art?
Yes it is. However you will need to practice diligently for a while to incarnate that for yourself. 

Do I need to buy a uniform right away?       
No you don't. You can try the classes for a month and then if you are happy to continue then you can invest in buying a uniform.

Why do you bow so much in Aikido?
The bowing is to show respect, trust & acceptance of others. To bow indicates an open-minded attitude and a willingness to learn from one's teachers and fellow students. It is customary to bow in Japan. 

I am over 40 years old is that too late to start Aikido?
No it isn't Aikido is practiced by people of all ages. We have one lady in her mid 60's that comes and studies with us. 

Do you wear coloured belts in Aikido?
The coloured belts are only for children in Aikido. In traditional Aikido adults wear white belts in all ranks until they reach shodan (black belt). The reason for this is to de-emphasize the importance of outward accomplishment & to promote a more internal awareness along with introspection of personal achievement. 
Young lady holding a sigh with a question mark on it. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Martin Acton sensei sitting at his desk. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
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To book a place in our Aikido courses get in touch with Martin Acton's Aikido Institute in Dromore today: 

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