Anger Management

Anger Management Sessions

This is an angry woman screaming in frustration
This is a photo of police at a crime scene

Things that might make you angry

Do you suffer from sever anger & resentment issues?
Do you hold onto grudges?
Is anger controlling your life?
Are you the quiet type that suppresses it or do you explode at everyone or anything nearby?
Do you want to hurt other people?
Do you shout and hit inanimate objects?
When you are driving do you experience road rage?
Are there times when you verbally or physically  abuse your pets, children or spouse?
Do people in power over you push your wrong buttons?
Is your anger always there, no matter what you do?
Is you anger starting to effect your work performance, your relationships and getting you into trouble with the law?
Are you ready to let the anger go?

How others see you when you are angry

A Father shouting very loudly at his son.
Angry Mum screaming in frustration with her daughter.
No one wants to admit he /she gets angry. Especially when it gets out of control and hurts the people we love.

A common assumption is that it is just men who have anger control problems, however a lot of women have the problems too. 

What people say about angry men:
  • "He gets furious & starts name calling."
  • " When you ask him questions he blows a fuse!"
  • "There are days when it's best to stay away from him!"
  • He is a very bitter, angry & self-centered person."
  • I hate driving with him. He shouts insults at strangers for the smallest things."

What people say about angry women in their lives:
  • When she gets angry she lashes out quickly."
  • My wife constantly argues over small things, when I try to calm her she screams at me and tells me to go away and die!"
  • My girlfriend puts all the blame of her anger on me."
  • When my mother gets angry she stops talking and ignores me for days."
  • My wife keeps me awake at night telling me that she wishes she never met me and everything I do is wrong. She then becomes violent and kicks me out of the bed."

10 signs you may have anger issues:

1. Calling people bad names.
2. Verbally attacking, belittling and criticising others.
3. Showing a lack of patience.
4. Being short-tempered and irritable.
5. Blaming others when things don't work out.
6. Shutting down, closing others out.
7. Other people start avoiding you.
8. People are afraid of you.
9. People have to be careful about what they say around you.
10. Loved ones and friends think of you as being like Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.

How can these anger management sessions help you?

The sessions are safe and will transform your life for the better. We will work with you confidentially and help you to permanently and clearly release the anger you have.
Will it take months, weeks, days or hours to make this transformation?
It will take minutes! 
  • Minutes to lower your anger.
  •  Minutes to let the anger go permanently. 
  • Minutes to experience renewed peace of mind, to stop the internal negative mind chatter that is playing over and over in your head. 
  • Minutes for you to discover the control, safety & approval you have within you.
Martin Acton sensei with Philip Shields. Giving Philip his certificate for passing his grade. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
This is a company team working happily on a project.
This is a woman smiling, working at her desk & talking on the phone

Things that you can improve without anger

Some of your anger will be decades old and some of it will be from something that happened today. Anger and other emotions hold you back from achieving your goals & what you want in life. 

You CAN release your anger today!
Are you ready to unlock the door to your transformation?

You CAN:
  • find happiness from the inside out.
  • have better health.
  • reduce your stress levels.
  • lower risks of heart disease, diabetes, weakened immune system & high blood pressure.
Better mental health:
  • think more calmly and clearly.
  • have better concentration.
  • find it easier to talk and get along with people.
  • be able to find mutually agreeable solutions when anger doesn't cloud your judgement.
  • you will be easier to work with on team projects.
  • people will trust you more, speak honestly & feel comfortable with you.

Call now and make an appointment at Martin Acton's Akido Institute in Dromore & let's eliminate the anger from your life. Tel:078-6940-2588. 

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