Basic Bokken Course

Basic Bokken Course in Dromore

What to expect from our Bokken course?

This course is a basic introduction on how to use the Bokken. No previous experience is needed. In Aikido we study weapons from just below Black Belt level. The Japanese wooden sword is used to practice the same techniques that are used with a real Japanese sword safely. 

Martin Sensei has studied, practiced and taught in Japan for twenty years. He was the private student of Master Iwao Tamura. 

This course is taught 1-1 & will teach you things that are only taught to best of the best in Japan. For £200 you will get 8 lessons that last an hour each, contact us to learn more.
Bokken course. Martin acton sensei and Marian performing a move with wooden Japanese sword. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Bokken training. Martin Acton doing a cutting technique with a wooden Japanese sword. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

What you will study on the course

  • Correct posture
  • How to relax and become one with the sword
  • How to hold the sword correctly
  • How to move from the “one point”
  • How to maintain mind & body unity, balance, and coordination
  • How to control the sword so it does not bounce when cutting
  • Various cutting techniques “shomenuchi”, “yokomenuchi”, “Tsuki”
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