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Business coaching in Dromore

Business coaching through Aikido. Martin Acton demonstrating a technique to relax and extend energy through the arm. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

How can business coaching help you?

  • Teach staff methods to deal with stress, anxiety & overwhelm.
  • Explain methods to help efficiency in the workplace
  • Help to apply Japanese working culture to your business.
  • Engage staff and teach them practical strategies for resolving interpersonal conflict & how to go from conflict to harmony.
  • Provide guidance and demonstrations on how to make your staff briefs more interactive. To let them see the power and techniques of focusing.
  • Demonstrate how positive thinking can affect business culture.
  • Discover Nine Principles for conscious living. When you apply these principles, everything flows, apparent problems melt away. 
These are the areas business coaching can help you in:
Stress management
Conflict resolution
Personal development
Team building skills

More about Martin Acton Sensei

Since 1988, Master Martin Acton has been studying, practising and teaching Aikido in Japan with the top masters. He is originally from Northern Ireland but left when he was a teenager to live in England, the USA and Japan. 

In Japan, Martin Acton sensei taught at several major companies such as Sony, Toyota, and Mitsubishi Corp trading company. He has worked with companies from all around the world, teaching them how to remove stress, fear, and worry. How to tap into supreme self-confidence & unbeatable self-esteem. To use positive thinking, visualisation, and team work to increase efficiency and motivation in the workplace. They were taught nine principles, that if practiced regularly could change their lives forever, resulting in lasting happiness and inner peace. 
Business Aikido coaching. This is a profile photo of Martin Acton. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Find out what others thought

Martin was able to apply the principles of aikido to our workplace and explain to staff how positive thinking can have a major impact on their day and productivity. As well as stress relief and multitasking exercises we also loved hearing about the business culture in Japan. Our staff left the brief motivated and enthusiastic and we got tremendous feedback: “best brief ever” – “Loved Sensei Martin Acton." We would highly recommend Martin if you want to add a bit of excitement and engagement to your staff briefs.

– Kerstie Forsyth, Head of Marketing & Communications at Power NI
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