Children's Course

Children's Aikido class in Dromore

Welcome to Aikido with Martin Acton sensei - Founder, Director, and Chief Instructor.
Aikido child getting his green belt with Martin Acton sensei. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Aikido child performing a throw with Martin Acton sensei. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Why should your child learn Aikido?

  • Children learn to protect themselves using minimum force, to deal with bullies in a non-aggressive but practical fashion using a three step process, that can help them cope, thrive, and excel in school environment. 
  • Children are taught composure, equanimity, and how to unify the mind & body. To keep calm and to control themselves when others are upset, bothering and fighting with them or others. How to lead and follow in a confident and helpful manner. 
  • We emphasis fitness and health and help children become strong, flexible and skilled.   
  • Students are shown ways to focus that make learning, interesting, easy, and beneficial. Resulting in better grades. Fewer truancy problems and less trouble for parents, teachers and police. 
  • We help develop children to become polite, honourable & respectable samurai warriors, that can appreciate, understand & embrace cultural, ethical and social differences. That are confident that they can accomplish whatever they want in life. They understand their roles in school and society, They learn to get along, to work well with others. Also to be capable to work effectively alone. 
  • Classes are practical, interesting, and enjoyable. 

Fun exercise for your children

Aikido is one of the most advanced martial arts in the world. It is a non-aggressive yet extremely effective self-defence. So how is that different from other martial arts? 

We focus on how to stop fights with the minimum amount of power needed, we do not want to hurt others, and try to prevent aggressive individuals from hurting others and themselves. 

In our children's Aikido class we teach our students how to respond when someone kicks, punches, grabs or in some other way attacks them. Not by kicking, punching and chopping, instead we use the negative energy and direct it or lead it.
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Two boys getting ready to practice Japanese in the children's Aikido class. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Aikido children training for next grading. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

The benefits of your child learning Aikido

  • Our lessons promote confidence and modesty
  • Improve your child's coordination, balance and flexibility
  • A safe martial art to practice as we do not promote violence
  • Children face their limitations in a safe and encouraging environment

What happens during our lessons?

In a lesson we first demonstrate what a technique looks like so our students can see the big picture. Next we give clear, simple direction for the student to listen to. Finally the students practice the techniques and get to feel how they work.

All measures are taken to make sure students are safe. They learn advanced movements in a fun, playful yet educational way.
Aikido combat training. two boys performing a throw. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Testimonials for children's classes

5 star
"Martin is a brilliant instructor because he has time for all his students. He doesn't rush anything which in my eyes is the best way. I took a long time deciding which martial art my son would study and I have for sure picked the right one. Jay absolutely loves going to his class. Thanks Martin."
- Nigel Kirk
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For more information on our children's Aikido classes, get in touch with Martin Acton's Aikido Institute in Dromore on:

07869 402 588
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