Aikido 8 Week Introduction Course

Certified course - students will receive a certificate upon completion of the  course.

Aikido 8-Week Introduction Course for beginners

Aikido changes lives, moulding fear into courage and turning weakness into strength.
It shapes who you become. Making you a better person physically, mentally and spiritually.
Aikido is not about violence, it is about building character and unleashing your human potential.
A path made of courage, endurance, strength, confidence, courtesy, integrity, compassion, discipline, honour, patience, respect, humility and self-confidence. Never give up regardless of the odds against you. As a martial artist you must train hard every day to get to the next level, to fight for your dreams. To become the best you possibly can. Being a martial artist is a journey from within. It forges an unbreakable warrior spirit to stay strong in face of adversity. It is a lifestyle for life.

What can you get from Aikido? 

The time you invest in Aikido will be quality time. It will enrich every aspect of your life for the better.
Both hemispheres of your brain learn to work together incorporating the intuition and feeling on the right side of the brain with the analytical abilities on the left. You will find yourself becoming much more integrated. 
The increased self-confidence & awareness will enable a real feeling of balance and control to emerge in your life.
One of the best remedies for stress is to come to Martin Acton's Aikido Institute. You will benefit a lot more from an hour of Aikido than time spent blankly in front of the TV, worrying, or visiting your local pub. 
When you leave Martin Acton's Aikido Institute after your practice you will most likely find you have a fresh outlook on things, an increase in energy and calmness that enables you you influence others in a positive manner.
Your mind, body and character will inevitable change as you progress in your Aikido studies, gaining strength, flexibility and resilience. Increased cardiovascular fitness, respiration and overall muscle tone will allow your energy to flow naturally. 
Aikido training not only develops a strong, supple body but a strong supple character as well. You will be able to stand with dignity yet adjust to all of life's challenges. You will be able to keep cool, calm and collected while others are bouncing of the walls. You will keep your balance in the midst of adversity. A balance that is maintained physically, mentally and emotionally.
Another wonderful advantage of coming to Martin Acton's Aikido Institute are the new friends, associates and students who provide a high-quality support system with similar goals and challenges as yourself. Aikido attracts the best people. They are all sincere, easygoing and have a great bond of maturity and humour coming together in an atmosphere of cooperation and camaraderie. We have a strong sense of healthy community that is incorporated into both the Institute and our lives outside.
Two students practicing technique to bring  an attacker dow using his arm arm. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Two Aikido  students practicing technique to bring  an attacker down using his arm. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

What to bring

Training requires long sleeved tops and bottoms without zips or buttons. 
Aikido 8-Week Introduction Course. There is a  photo of a lady learning to fall safely on a crash mat.   Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Why attend our Aikido beginner lessons?

  • Aikido will enrich you mentally & physically
  • Improve your balance, co-ordination and rhythm
  • Become more flexible, strong, & healthy
  • Learn the real power of relaxation 
  • Learn to deal with aggression in a way that leads to you walking away safely. regardless if it is a verbal or physical assault
  • Study authentic Aikido techniques as they are only taught in Japan to throw, pin or lock an assailant up.
  • Remove life's negatives, stress, fear, anxiety, & worry
  • Release the emotions that are holding you back in life. Overcome self-defeating attitudes
  • Unlock supreme self-confidence & unbeatable self-esteem
  • Accept people and situations with more equanimity
  • Move into a state of mind that is imperturbable  

Is this course right for you?

Are you a complete beginner?
Do you feel nervous, insecure and afraid around people?
Are you worried about being assaulted?
Would you like to improve all aspects of your life?
Are you just looking to try something new?
Maybe you would like more positive people in your life?

Attend our 8-week introduction course and learn the basics of Aikido. Meet new people, make new friends, and discover the real power within you, at the Martin Acton's Aikido Institute. The price of the course is £70 including annual insurance and licence. 

For more information on when lessons are please check with our schedule.   

What to bring

Training requires long sleeved tops and bottoms without zips or buttons. 
Two students practicing technique to bring  an attacker dow using his arm arm. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute


Paul Harper

Having been interested in Aikido for a couple of years now, since I tried a few lessons with a different Instructor, I decided to give it another go. I spoke to my wife and she thought it would be nice to get me the classes for my birthday, so I had a look online and found Martin Acton's Aikido Institute. We got in touch and organised me attending his 8 Week Aikido Introduction Course.
The course was brilliant, good warm-ups, brilliant demonstrations of the techniques and enough time to practice them before a review at the end part of the class. It has opened my eyes to what Aikido is supposed to be and I am eager to continue learning and working toward learning the art and improving my skills.
I found the classes intriguing and a pleasant release from the day to day stress that a busy life brings. 

Andrew Atcheson

I recently attended the 8-Week Aikido Introduction Course at Martin Acton's Aikido Institute along with my two teenage daughters. Not only did this prove to be educational, informative and motivational but it was also highly enjoyable. 
As someone who has been relatively inactive physically for fifteen years, I did find the warm-ups challenging, and even now I think I am regaining some of my lost vitality and core strength. 
Martin is highly dedicated to this art and I found him to be very motivating, encouraging and witty in his teaching. This created an atmosphere of relaxation and enhanced learning that benefited myself, my daughters and the other students around us. 
We have decided to continue our studies with Martin at his Thursday evening classes. The warm ups are still challenging. 

Francis Atcheson

A couple of weeks ago I completed the 8-week Aikido Introduction Course at Martin Acton's Aikido Institute alongside my dad and older sister. I've noticed recently that thing the course has improved my strength by a considerable amount, and I have gained a lot more confidence since then. Each technique is explained carefully before we practice and we are taught to never rush, but take our time, as they all require patience and time to master. 
I really enjoyed taking the introduction course and continue to enjoy the weekly Aikido lessons because it's not only keeping me fit, but I also find the techniques are fun and interesting. I definitely recommend giving it a try. 

Bobby Atcheson

Overall the course was very informative and useful. We were taught basic Aikido methods of self-defence as well to tackle fear, and it was very easy to understand. The sensei created a light-hearted atmosphere and didn't rush us and we were encouraged to take our time so that we could learn and understand the methods better, with helpful pointers along the way. 
I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in learning Aikido as there is no experience required, and even if you don't decide to continue after the course, you still leave with many useful skills and knowledge. 

Michelle Gilmore

I have just completed the eight week introductory Aikido course. I would highly recommend this course and dojo, the weeks just flew in. Martin Acton Sensei builds on existing strengths and introduces new and practical skills which are specific to the individuals needs. He is an excellent instructor and is very patient with novices like myself! Over the eight weeks I noticed improvements in my fitness, balance and flexibility. I found the classes simultaneously challenging but also relaxing. I've really enjoyed the course and have signed up for further classes. - Michelle

John Bell

The Aikido 8-week Introduction Course 
I initially came across Martin Action’s Aikido Institute through a mutual friend's Facebook post. I had been looking to try something new, as I was getting bored of going to the gym. The eight week introductory course proved a perfect place to start. I found the classes not only gave you a physical workout but they also taught you the importance of relaxing your mind and body. You leave the class feeling more relaxed, de-stressed and calm – all good after a long day at work. I enjoyed the eight week course that much that I decided to join the dojo and am now signed up for unlimited group lessons. - John Bell


Doing the Aikido 8-Week Introduction course has made me realise that I need to trust myself and my gut feelings by staying calm. It has also taught me that being strong isn’t just about your physical ability but also your mental ability. 

I really enjoyed learning different moves, especially the one where you get flipped onto a crash mat. It really boosted my confidence and made me realise that I can actually do things that at the start seem scary. I highly recommend this course.


Doing the Aikido introduction course helped me realise that I can stand up for myself and even fight my corner without having to hurt anyone else. 

Aikido is not just a martial art; it’s principles resonate into everyday life. It’s also tremendous fun and hard work. An all round winner. Come try it. 


I walked into the dojo (training centre) with my husband out of curiosity. I had a little understanding of what Aikido was; I only had a cousin who was very involved in it and I knew it was a martial art from Japan.

I was deeply impressed with the energy in the dojo. The energy of the place was very peaceful and calming.

My husband and I joined the 8-week introduction course. It was a very rewarding
experience. I enjoyed the dynamic of the class and the philosophy behind the techniques that we learnt. We worked in pairs; it was great fun to practice with my husband. It was like being a kid again! The experience strengthened our marital bond. We always left the practice with a renewed and fresh energy.


Doing the Aikido eight-week intro course was very interesting. Because it was so different, at first it felt strange, bowing before entering a room seemed a bit weird and using positive energy rather than physical strength made me feel very powerful. 

But after learning about Japanese culture, it opened my mind to how people live completely differently in other countries. I have learned a lot in this short amount of time and each lesson was crammed full of a completely different way to feel better about myself. 

After eight weeks, I have learnt coping mechanisms for all emotions, a bit more about Japanese people and their culture, how to have a different attitude on the world and even how to use self-defence in order to help your so called “enemy.”

I have enjoyed Aikido and feel like a new person with a happier, healthier life ahead of me and have never been to a lesson where I haven’t taken something away with me to put into daily life. 


The Aikido eight-week course has been very interesting and lots of fun. I have loved all the different techniques and interesting facts. I have learnt lots of different things. I would really love to continue doing Aikido because I’ve really enjoyed what I have been taught so far. 


Having just completed the 8-week Aikido Introduction course I feel that it has made me a stronger person and I have learnt to be more balanced and controlled. It has been a very positive experience and I’ve enjoyed it very much. I cannot wait to come back and hopefully start competing for the grades. Martin Sensei is such a great teacher. 


Aikido has changed my outlook and approach to life. Before starting the course, I spoke to Martin sensei about Aikido and he told me about the positive benefits it could have on my four children. It has given each of them confidence, strength, a sense of calm and respect for themselves and each other. 

Ultimately they are all happier. We have all enjoyed the practice each week and I particularly enjoyed the moments when we laughed and encouraged each other. 

Every family should experience Aikido together if they want to be happier. On a personal level I have completely overcome the sense of fear that was an integral part of my life; as a result, I feel more confident and have developed an inner
strength and a sense of calmness. 

Thank you Martin Sensei. 


I am a 46-year-old female who started the Aikido Beginners Class 8 weeks ago. I was apprehensive initially and thought I would feel uncomfortable in a mainly male dominated martial art class. I also assumed that it might be too rough and physically demanding.

How wrong was I.

Martin Sensei (teacher) and all the other students made me feel very welcome from the moment I stepped through the door. On my induction night I observed the students warm up and describe this as being very graceful and relaxed. Each student appeared focused; I find the atmosphere in the class very calming and driving home after class I felt a sense of inner peace and calmness.

The martial art Aikido is practiced in a respectful and controlled manner to avoid injury. I hope never to be in a situation in my personal life where I would need to use these techniques, but if I do these would be effective in defending myself.

Don’t hesitate if you’re thinking of joining. I would recommend this to everyone regardless of their age or gender. You will be taught by a confident and approachable teacher who has all the knowledge and practical skills you will ever need to learn regarding Aikido.

Hope to see you there. 
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