Japanese Language Course

Martin Acton's Aikido Institute invites you to learn Japanese in Dromore!

You are welcome to join our six week Japanese language course for complete beginners.

Practical and enjoyable lessons

Each lesson will have you listening to and speaking Japanese from the very beginning. We start with basic vocabulary about common situations that you are likely to experience at home or abroad, giving you the most useful information and tools in as quick a time as possible.

The lessons will build on each other and the material you have studied will be recycled or reviewed in later lessons. This will help you to gradually increase your language skills. You will also have a look at different cultural topics that will add to your understanding of Japan, it's language and it's people. 
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Japanese language courses. Young boy being testing on his Japanese languages skills. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Ethan Thompson - Age 11
Useful Japanese expressions

In just 6 weeks you will have the ability to:

  • use daily greetings
  • to introduce yourself
  • count from 1-100
  • say if you like or dislike something  
  • talk about the weather, food, & drinks
  • say: days of week, months and seasons
  • names things you use everyday like TV, computer etc.
learning Japanese. Class of young girls at a Japanese language seminar. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Our teaching method

You will be taught using a combination of listening and speaking exercises. We will also build your vocabulary using textbook, then practice using the vocabulary in a simple, useful and practical way. 
learning Japanese. Young Girl receiving her certificate for graduating 6 week Japanese language course. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Eva McEvoy - Age 17


"The classes were informative and interesting, with insight you couldn't learn through a textbook. It was interesting to learn about the mannerisms of the Japanese people, and what is socially taboo in Japan. We would recommend to anyone wanting to learn the language or visiting Japan as the social etiquette would prove invaluable. The teaching we received was exceptional. We were taught in a clear manner that made it easy to comprehend the complexities of the language. We also were given accurate and precise pronunciation. Without a doubt an invaluable experience."
- Eva McEvoy, 17 & Danny McEvoy, 15 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to: 
  • Ask and answer simple questions in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics
  • Interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly, clearly and is prepared to help
  • Recognize Hiragana and Katakana alphabets
learning to speak Japanese. You boy receives his certificate for graduating 6 week course. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute.
Danny McEvoy - Age 15

Try This Practice Exercise

 Indicate if the sentence is affirmative (+) or negative (-) & 
  translate it
1. Watahi no uchi wa kiiro desu.
2. Watashi no noto wa aoi desu.
3. Watashi wa midori no kutsu o haite masen.
4. Watashi no otosan no kuruma wa aka dewa arimasen.
5. Watashi no suki na iro wa murasaki desu.

Here are the answers

The correct answer is:
1. (+) My house is yellow.
2. (+) My notebook is blue. 
3. (-) I am not wearing green shoes.
4. (-) My father's car isn't red.
5. (+) My favourite colour is purple. 

Course fees

The cost of the 6 week course is £150.

The course is flexible so you can take as long as you want to complete it. You sign up, pay the fee, and each time you come we mark off the lesson and inform you how many lessons you have left; so you only come to class when you want to.

Classes are available Monday to Saturday. Please call to check times of lessons. 
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