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Aikido therapeutic massages are safe, relaxing and invigorating. Let our qualified and experienced therapist help you today. A one hour massage is £40.00, and perfect if you're experiencing any aches or pains, or are even feeling stressed from day to day life. 

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At the beginning of May I dislocated my shoulder in a motocross accident, I had it put back in and was in a sling for 8 weeks. Unfortunately when I took my sling off, I had very restricted movement of my shoulder. With very little help from the NHS I went to Martin Sensei who I visited once a week following the removal of my sling. The service I received each week was outstanding and the effort Martin Sensei put into each of the classes was evident as great progress was made every week. I am now very happy to say that thanks to Martin Sensei I have got full movement back in my shoulder and will soon be able to start riding again.
Martin Sensei has helped me on a number of occasions with different injuries. Every time he has quickly and efficiently resolved my injuries even when leading orthopaedic surgeons where left bewildered. I look forward each week to attending the class as it is very relaxing, while Martin Sensei and I engage in some very interesting conversation. I would fully recommend his services to anyone who has any sort of injury, as I fully believe he will be able to solve the problem.

Mark Carvill

Peter Stevenson

Having had lower back problems for many years (beginning when I was 17) and learning to live around them, a small jolt in 2011 triggered far more severe problems, requiring hospitalisation and high levels of medication. Not liking my medication, I sought alternative routes in the form of chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapy. I eventually solely continued with physiotherapy for approximately a year and a half. While this did help, there was a significant amount of pain involved each session, both during and after.
Upon recently meeting Martin and talking to him about my condition, I decided to have a Ki Massage. I was truly amazed by the massage, both during and after. During, it was painless, adopting a soft and gentle approach. Afterwards I felt more energised than I have in a long time, actually jogging out to my car! Martin also taught me how to release pain throughout the week which has worked wonderfully.

I have had two Ki Massages so far, cancelled physiotherapy after the first one, and have been feeling so good I have actually taken up ki Aikido with Martin! Again I have found this to have very beneficial effects.

If you have pain I highly recommend speaking to Martin and finding out what he can do for you. Having been in pain for so long, it is so nice to be free from it. Thank you, Martin.
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