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Aikido Seminars in Dromore

Ladies Aikido Self-Defence Seminar

Ladies Aikido Self Defence Seminar
Held: Sunday 28th May 2017
At: Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Time: 12-4pm
Cost: £25
Maximum 8 students only
Instructor: Martin Action Chief Instructor

This is suitable for females with no prior experience. You will learn:
what predators look for in a victim, 
how they select the victim and
places you have to be aware of.
How to stop an attacker grabbing your hair, slapping you and getting you on the ground. How to prevent someone strangling you. You will gain confidence and skills that will work to keep you safe.

Ladies Aikido Self-Defence Seminar

Michelle And Gillian practicing how to stop an attacker from strangling you.


"The self-defence seminar was brilliant! I gained an appreciation for the variety of ways someone may attack you, how to pre-empt this and how to keep safe as well as getting lots of practice in defending myself in different situations! All in a relaxed and friendly environment. A really fun and worthwhile afternoon!
Thank you!"

- Gillian Mcpherson

"Attended Womens Self-Defense Seminar today in Martin Actons Aikido Institute. Excellent and concise one day course focused on improving confidence and reactions to potential assaults. We discussed specific concerns of each participant and explored range of solutions dependant on individuals experience and natural reaction. Good opportunity to learn techniques for potential encounters. Killer core work! Would highly recommend for any woman looking to develop and reinforce self defence skills, good for beginners and those looking to gain more confidence in practical self defence".

- Michelle

"With a little background into aikido simply because my son recently joined, but no experience myself I wasn't sure what to expect from the Aikido Self-Defence Seminar. I obviously attended with areas in mind which I would like to target but did not imagine in one seminar I would gain and retain so much!

Firstly, my attention was brought to certain situations that women find themselves in on a daily basis and are unaware of the potential to harm. I always thought I was relatively switched on security wise but still my eyes were opened.

Throughout the seminar Matin discussed each move and helped tailor to the individual based on their natural reactions and what was comfortable for them without deterring from the outcome. 

The seminar itself was very open, friendly and fun. Martin is an excellent teacher. It exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to become more security conscious and develop confidence in self-defence"

- Many Thanks Anna

Aikido Weapons Seminar

Aikido student throwing a person using a staff.
Michelle And Gillian practicing how to stop an attacker from strangling you.

Seminar details

Aikido Weapons Seminar
How to use the jo (Wooden Staff)
Held On: Sunday 8th June 2017
At: Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
Time: 1-3pm
Cost: £40 per person
Maximum 8 students only
Instructor: Martin Action Chief Instructor

This is suitable for beginners with no prior experience. You will learn:
Etiquette for how to take the jo (staff) from the rack in the dojo.
The correct way to hold and move with the jo.
Warm up exercises and strikes using the jo. 
How to throw a person that tries to take the weapon from you.


" I attended the Aikido Jo (wooden staff) seminar with Martin Acton Sensei at the Dojo in Dromore. 

It was great, lot of fun, informative & practical. Very well worth it.

We learnt basic moves using the Jo first, and then Sensei showed us a technique for throwing a partner using the Jo, which we then practiced. The thing I liked about it was that we were given time to practice the technique and gain confidence that we can use it if the need arises. In the past I have gone to other seminars and was given a lot of useful information and techniques but was not given enough time to practice the techniques. Martin Sensei was very patient and understanding, tweaking the schedule to meet the needs of the students. We all had a very enjoyable time, received some very practical tips and left feeling great.
We all are looking forward to doing the next seminar with Martin Sensei next month. 
 I highly recommend you to try these seminars, I was on many others with Martin Sensei like " how to defend against knife", "sword seminars", etc.and they were all first class. "
-Marian Bohacek

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