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The Importance of Meditation 

It seems the world is becoming more crazy every day, with one tragedy after another, people are becoming more confused, out of control and doing things that we would never have thought about doing 10 years ago. These days we are bombarded with bad news 24/7.
Meditation can help you discover that no matter how bad things seem, you have the ability to deal effectively with it. When we turn off the outer physical world and tune in to the silence of the present moment, we find the peace that surpasses  all understanding.  

Meditation is a process where we balance our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual selves in the silence of our natural state of being. Suffering comes because we feel isolated and believe that the world is a dangerous place. When we meditate on the spiritual nature within us, we learn to recognise the oneness & wholeness of all life.

Meditation will move you into a consciousness of real knowing. As we sit silently & focus inwardly, we become aware of our true self. The more we meditate the more we can let go of our stress & deal with life's situations with ease and certainty. Our doubts, insecurities & anxieties diminish in size because we no longer feel separated from our good. This make us feel better about life.
Meditation lights up the inner light of unconditional love within you & it continues to develop with each meditation. The more you transform yourself through this unconditional love, the more you can influence others in a positive way. 
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Meditation reveals truths you did not know

Guided Meditation will help you get in touch with what lies underneath the crust of your anger & fear and your automatic responses & reactions and you will get to experience yourself as accepting, resilient and serene. You will then allow yourself to open up and become more receptive to both the beauty & challenge of life's larger and more profound dimensions.

Meditation can help you eliminate fear, anger, and self-doubt; encouraging you become peaceful, calm, and eventually into a state of imperturbability. One hour of meditation can benefit all areas of your life.

The Benefits of Meditation 

Meditation will give you an alternative way to deal with all the things going on in your life. You will discover how to live in the present moment in a pleasant way instead of being concerned with the past or worrying about the future.  

Our meditation classes lead you on a journey of personal discovery. You will find that the amount you suffer in life is directly related to how much you resist the fact that things are the way they are. We will teach you how to stop resisting and to start embracing whatever shows up in your life. After each session you will feel more in control, safe and realise the approval you seek is within you. Call now and book a session. 
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Your Thoughts Are Not Facts

If the thought "I'm a flying, purple and green lion." popped into your head you would not believe it. So why do you believe thoughts like "I'm useless." "I can't improve." or "I can't continue."? These are just thoughts too. Don't believe everything you think. You can tell when you are focusing on bad thoughts, because you will feel bad. Change your focus you change your feelings.

"I'm feeling down now." may be true, But "I'm always depressed." is not true. Guided meditation will teach you how to observe the nature of your mind. You will discover thoughts are constantly coming & going. They are not going to stop. You will see thoughts just as thoughts instead of facts & that makes a world of difference. 

What goes on in the Guided Meditation?

Guided Meditation sessions at Martin Acton's Aikido Institute will start with deep breathing exercise to help you relax. We take a look at the past week and see if something has upset, disturbed or bothered us. We take some time to invite the feeling up, then we work through a guided process to eliminate the feeling. After the negative emotions are gone. We show you how to tap into unconditional love and teach you how to give yourself the approval you are seeking. At the end of the session people leave feeling calm, peaceful & refreshed. 

The sessions are suitable for complete beginners and those with more experience. A session costs £10 or you can buy 4 sessions for £30. We hope you will come and try a session soon.

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meditation. This is a poster of the benefits of meditation. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute
This is a Japanese meditation room. Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

Ten reasons to bring Meditation into schools:

1. It can reduce stress in the classroom.
2. Students will be able to concentrate better.
3. Meditation enhances focus.
4. Strengthens memory.
5. Develops harmony & improves relationships.
6. Introduces a skill for life that helps control their emotions.
7. Creates a quiet time during the day.
8. Recharges the students' minds and bodies.
9. This also offers teachers and staff to experience relaxation.
10. Meditation lowers anxiety around exam time. helps students cope better.

If you would like to try a sample session in your school Martin Acton can come and do one for you. For more information please call Martin on 078-6940-2588.

What can happen if schools teach meditation:

Everyone knows that physical exercise makes your body stronger, fitter and more flexible. Neuroscience research shows that mindfulness training cultivates the innate capacities of the mind to be present, to switch off automatic pilot and create space so we can be clearer, calmer, more focused, creative and even more compassionate.

Here are ten reasons why meditation should be taught in schools and workplaces.
It reduces stress in the classroom, office and work environment.
Improves students’ concentration.
  • Enhances focus.
  • Strengthens memory.
  • Develops harmony and improves relationships.
  • Introduces a lifelong method to deal with negative emotions.
  • Creates a quiet time during the day.
  • Recharges the students’ minds.
  • Offers staff the time to experience relaxation.
  • Lowers anxiety around exam time.                                                                                                                                 One day I was in the teachers’ room at an elementary school in Kawasaki Japan. I was preparing to teach the 3rd graders an Aikido lesson in English. A young female teacher came up to me and said she was having a very hard time controlling some students in her class. They never listened to her and just did whatever they liked. She asked me if I had some suggestions to help her. Some students were starting to fight in the classes and to bully others. One day they would come into class really high, excited and loud, the next day they would be really down, not wanting to do anything at all, and they would be none responsive. I listened to her and then offered to come and talk to the students. Being a foreigner that was also a high-level Aikido Instructor made a big impact on the children and they were very excited and respectful when they heard I was coming to talk to them. It was arranged for me to come to the class the following week.
I prepared some mind exercises to demonstrate the power of relaxing, focusing and doing things calmly but extremely effectively. They would see that tensing up, doing things without thinking and with a negative mindset was not cool and did not make them happy. Using the mind & body coordinated, relaxed and focused was what would produce the results they wanted and by helping each other then everyone would go home happy. After I demonstrated and they could not only see genuine power but also feel it, they completely changed their attitude. I then showed them how to practice mindfulness and meditation. After 15 minutes everyone was feeling really good. The atmosphere was calm, peaceful and positive. The students and teacher were all smiling, feeling wonderful and they invited me to come and teach them again in the near future. I said I would but only if they practised every day the things I had taught them in the lesson. They promised they would. I left the lesson and decided to just wait and see how things would turn out.

Three weeks later the Principal of the school said he wanted to talk to me in his office. When I got there, I was surprised to find several mothers of the students I had spoken to and the Principal waiting for me. The test results had just been given to the students and this was the best results the students had ever received. The Principal said he understood I had taught the children how to meditate and to coordinate their mind and body. This had resulted in the positive test results and also a huge positive influence on the children and how they saw things differently now. The mothers and the Principal were really happy and asked if I could teach a regular class on mindfulness, meditation and the benefits of living with the mind and body coordinated. I was happy to accept the offer and I put together a course that was implemented into the school curriculum. The results were amazing there were fewer truancy problems, less aggression and a more positive atmosphere developed in the school. Test results improved and the students started to enjoy learning the teachers felt more inspired to teach and relationships all round improved. The students gained genuine confidence and discovered that by helping others they got to feel really good about themselves and life.

If a 5-year-old is taught to meditate, to have a quiet and still time at least once a day that child will really blossom, into a positive loving and healthy child. It was a real honour for me to work at that school for 5 years until I left Japan in 2008. I hope Western schools will become more open to discover the benefits that I listed above for themselves. Until next time I wish you peace, love and success Martin Sensei.

If you would like to try a sample session in your school Martin Acton can come and do one for you. For more information please call Martin on 078-6940-2588.

Guided Meditation leads you to awareness

When we meditate, we are in essence training our thoughts to live to a higher vibration. Although we may not think anything is going on, actually we are aligning our energy fields to Divine Consciousness of love. Many people refer to this Consciousness as God. When thoughts are elevated to the God Consciousness level, we develop an appreciation of love, joy, calmness and patience.

Come try a session and see for yourself.

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When are the Guided Meditation Session on?:

When you are unaware, or live life as an unconscious person, it's as if you are on automatic pilot, paying little attention to how your actions affect your life and other people. One of the most important lessons to learn is to be true to your self. In order to do that, you must be centered in your own self-awareness.

You must give yourself time to meditate. It doesn't matter what time of the day you do it morning, afternoon or night. A few minutes of uninterrupted peace every day will produce healing results.

When you begin your inner work, you first need to make a clear dedication to yourself. Any time you pursue a meditative practice, you are making a commitment to understand yourself more fully as a spiritual being. This needs time. Be patient with your practice.

The Guided Meditation Sessions are on Friday night 7-8pm at Martin Acton's Aikido Institute 100 Church Street Dromore BT251AA. Tel:078-6940-2588

Guided Meditation leads you to calmness

The practice of meditation is designed to increase our self-awareness. It becomes a way of life and will help you especially when you slip back into old habits of negative thinking and self -torment.
When you meditate turn off the outside world so you can tune into the beauty and splendour of the spiritual dimensions of you and find the things you want there.

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Maria Woodward Testimonial

I have been attending Martin Acton's Meditation sessions for a few years now. Its such a welcoming and supported atmoshere. Its been an amazing journey of self descovery, getting to know my authentic self. Stripping away old beliefs and patterns and being aware of running on auto pilot. The awareness, being more authentic and understanding the true meaning of unconditional helps with healthier choices, relationships and a more enriched life. Martin's guided sessions truly bring insite, calm, gratitude and positive energy and how to put them all to good use in everyday life. I would recommend anyone to come along and try a session.

Look beyond problem-solving 

Meditation isn't a quick fix. We need to practice meditation on the good days and the bad days - on the days when you feel things are going great as well as the day when we feel anxious, stress or depressed. It is best to cultivate meditation practice slowly and steadily day by day so that when things become difficult or challenging for you, you can remember and use meditation awareness to bring your attention to your breathing and sooth your mind.  

There will be days when your too busy to meditate, or just can't find the motivation to do it. When this happens accept it non-judgementally. Be nice to yourself. Give yourself the love and approval to just try again, step by step nice and slowly. This will help you to get back into your practice instead of just stooping and giving up.
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What you want is already inside you.

Everything is energy vibrating at different rates of speed and at different levels of awareness. Your mind, body and spirit are composed of this same energy, each vibrating at a different frequency. Think of your energy as one unifying force that is connected to everything.

The truth is, everything you want to know is already inside you. You just have forgotten it. Instead of feeling lost, confused, or lonely, recognise that you are a spiritual being who is part of a large cosmic family of spiritual beings. 

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Guided Meditation puts you in control.

Thoughts are like magnets. They attract situations and people that reflect what you are thinking. If you are centered in peace and think thoughts that are kind and loving, you will attract the same kind of ideas and feelings back to you. Can you imagine if everyone thought love and not hatred, of abundance instead of greed? Your thoughts have the power to create good in the world. 
If you have been a negative-thinking person, it may take time to change your thoughts to a higher perspective. Patience & practice are necessary. Just as you have been persisting in the negative thought, you must persist in the positive one. 

This is a poster of Buddhist monk children holding candles with a post telling people to focus more on life lessons rather than the pain they go through . Martin Acton's Aikido Institute

How to deal with emotions mindfully

The Guesthouse
This being human is like a guesthouse. Every morning there is a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all. Even if they're a crowd of sorrows who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still treat each guest honourably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark though, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond .

This wonderful poem by Rumi captures the attitude you're moving towards when dealing with emotions mindfully. 

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